our product range
We stock a wide range of crafts, groceries, household goods and toiletries.


Crafts is a very broad term which we use loosely! Our product range includes:


The World Shop provides an alternate shopping experience to the supermarkets: all food, drink and confectionary items are either fairly traded or are products with minimum impact on the environment and are always as ethically sourced as possible.

When people think of Fair Trade they usually think of things such as tea, chocolate and coffee - which we have lots of! However, it's less widely known that you can get fairly traded olive oil, sugar, nuts, raisins, quinoa and pasta, all of which can be bought from our shop. We aim to stock high quality products to show that there is no sacrifice in quality when making the switch to Fair Trade.

household and toiletries

The World Shop carries a comprehensive selection of products for the home and body. We stock recycled cleaning implements and eco-friendly cleaning products of all kinds. Our range of toiletries includes Fair Trade condoms, organic cotton feminine hygiene products, bamboo toothbrushes, and a wide variety of paraben-free body care products, including olive oil soap from Palestine.

How about making a gift of an end-of-season fair trade barbecue set? Our instant barbecues use charcoal made by producers in Namibia. Pair it with our leaf plates – made in India from 100% sal and siali leaves.

Traidcraft's Clean and Fair range is the newest addition to our selection of household products. It features fair trade palm oil produced by small-scale farmers in Ghana. The entire range is eco-friendly and biodegradable – it's good for communities and good for the earth!