meet the risc team
RISC has grown to become a large organisation with many people working for it in different capacities. As the organisation is a charity we have a board of trustees who are the directors of the charity. We have a management collective, as well as other paid staff for various roles.


Trustees meet every two months six times a year.

Kath kath burton
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Colin colin date
My professional knowledge and experience is in education, in particular, secondary school science. I also have a love and knowledge of Southern Africa, especially Botswana, where I have several contacts and friends in the country having lived there for three years. I have been with RISC since it was founded and I am, at present, Company Secretary. As I have now retired from teaching I volunteer in the World Shop which is now a wonderful place! Come and see!
Willem willem londeman
Volunteering for the World Shop introduced me to the great people that volunteer and work for RISC. It also made me aware of all the impressive projects that RISC has been involved with in the past and is currently still working on. RISC is a real community hub for both local groups and organisations further away. At the same time RISC does brilliant educational work and takes action to create a fair, just and sustainable world in the future. If you're curious about RISC, please come in or contact us. I'm sure you'll love it!
Obiageli obiageli onyekpe
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Adam adam peters
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Pally pally randhawa
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Karen karen rizk
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Summreen summreen
Summreen is a sustainability professional mainly working in the public and third sector. She has worked with RISC in the past few years on Fair Trade and Renewable Energy projects. She takes a keen interest in social justice and environmental campaigning and is a regular attendee of events at RISC, as well as a visitor in the Global Cafe and World Shop. Reading wouldn't be the same without RISC and all that it contributes to the local community.


RISC is managed by a collective of individuals in a flattened hierarchy. In other words, rather than one single person at the top the we have a group of people who 'collectively' meet regularly to manage the organisation.

Fiona fiona grant
community facilities co-ordinator
I am responsible for the day to day management of the community meeting space including health and safety. I Joined RISC as a volunteer in 1992, was shop co-ordinator until 2001 when I moved to my current post.
Zainab zainab khan
events co-ordinator
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Martin martin mikhail
centre co-ordinator
Martin has been with RISC since the beginning and is involved in almost every aspect of the charity. From meeting with funders to building maintenance, Martin has an overview of whatever is going on at any one time!
Anne annemieke palmer
finance co-ordinator
I have worked for RISC as the Finance Coordinator since 2003. Life at RISC is never dull as we always have lots of projects on the go, I also deal with all the different income streams from the World Shop, Global Cafe, Room Hire and flats. We have quite a number of people on the payroll and managing the Year End accounts also takes up some time.
Dave dave richards
publications and roof garden co-ordinator
Dave has been working at RISC since 1989. He produces exhibitions and teaching resources on a range of issues including trade justice, sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. He also coordinates RISC's work on food and gardens.
Silvia silvia rizzoli
world shop co-ordinator
Silvia has been managing the shop since 2014.

other staff

Katherine katherine meehan
marketing officer
Bio coming soon.
Anju anju gautam
shop supervisor
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Carl carl jones
shop supervisor
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Emanuela emanuela marchiori
shop supervisor & caretaker
I started working at RISC when WEB moved to the present location. I helped as a volunteer with painting and decorating when they were doing up the building. One job I enjoyed was filling with paint the animals and plants in the Hall after the artist Pipa had done the sketching. I also volunteered in the kitchen and as caretaker before starting paid work as caretakers in 2001.
Samantha samantha murray
shop supervisor
Bio coming soon.
Sarah sarah stevens
shop supervisor
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As well as our staff we have many volunteers (over 1,000 volunteers have been involved since 1995!), without whom the organisation couldn't function.

meet some of our volunteers here