meet the global education team
Manju Manju Patel-Nair
Manju is a secondary trained teacher, and works across various fields encompassing youth participation, race, activism and interfaith dialogue. As a global citizenship practitioner Manju’s work centers on pedagogies for community building. This includes bringing diverse groups of people into shared spaces particularly around controversial issues, to engage hearts and minds and create change within communities. Manju has extensive experience of delivering cross curricular global citizenship projects and teacher training for schools across Europe and India.
Kirsty Kirsty Dabbs
Kirsty was inspired to train as a teacher after working for RISC & learning about their development education ethos. A qualified middle years science teacher, Kirsty has taught in both primary & secondary schools & specialised in ethnic minority achievement & supporting pupils newly arrived to the UK. Kirsty has worked in the private sector to support the delivery of DfE training to teachers & local authority staff. Since joining the RISC team Kirsty has delivered training courses to university education & PGCE students, teachers in schools & CPD for Local Authority staff. She’s managed the delivery of training on behalf of our partner Development Education Centres across the UK. Kirsty is a parent governor at her daughter’s school & has a passion for Global learning & connecting communities.

education team associates

Abha abha aggarwal
Abha is a secondary trained teacher with over ten years of experience of working in schools and with youth projects. She delivers training to educators on a range of global citizenship themes with a particular interest in critical thinking and community building. Abha has experience of working with teachers and pupils in examining the sensitive issues of race equality, and in helping schools move their practice forward.
Ruth ruth england
Ruth has over 15 years experience in the global education field and has worked across the south-east region. With a background in fine art, she has had considerable involvement in facilitating community and visual arts projects and is passionate about using the arts for engaging children and young people in creative processes for exploring their world. Ruth has extensive knowledge of global education resources and a particular interest in picture books. Ruth has been delivering training to teachers in schools across the south-east as well as training in initial teacher education for over ten years.