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Without volunteers RISC wouldn't be the success it is today. Over 1,600 people have volunteered since 1996, which was the year RISC moved to its current location. Of course we will never forget the valuable contribution made by volunteers in the early days of RISC either. From students to academics or work experience to overseas interns, people with many different skills and experience, have supported RISC by volunteering

why volunteer?

Volunteering is a great way to build confidence, especially if you have been out of work for a while, or maybe you want to learn new skills, either way, volunteering for a well respected organisation like RISC, always looks good on your CV. Stay with us for a minimum of two months and we'll back you up with a reference. So many of RISC's volunteers have gone on to secure paid employment

get involved

A variety of opportunities exist within RISC. Whether you are interested in RISC's fair trade World Shop, the Global Cafe, roof garden & community garden projects, education, office/reception or becoming a trustee, we're sure you'll find some area of our work that interests you. If we don't have a specific vacancy when you enquire, we will do our best to offer you a suitable alternative

Please note - because we attract so many brilliant people wanting to volunteer with RISC, we quite often have more applicants than we do vacant opportunities. We apologise in advance if this happens to you. We will let you know (by email) what is happening with your application and maybe offer you an alternative role or keep you on file for a while to see if we can match you up with any future vacancies

recruitment process

RISC will let you know once your application form has been received. If there is a relevant opportunity, you will then be invited for an informal interview with the relevant recruitment coordinator. The offer of a volunteer role is subject to satisfactory references being received. On your start day, or on an earlier day, you will be taken through your personal induction, which outlines RISC's ethos, structure, policies & procedures, familiarise you with the building and welcome you to the RISC team

interested? check out our volunteering opportunities

risc volunteer policy

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