about fair trade
Fair trade is an alternative approach to conventional world trade. It is a partnership between producers and consumers, based on reciprocal benefit and mutual respect. Fair Trade ensures majority world producers receive a fair price for the work they do, and gain better access to markets in the Minority World. It aims to tackle the long-term problems of the majority world through sustainable development for excluded and disadvantaged producers. Producer organisations are supported in their social development projects, such as providing health care and education facilities. Sustainable environmental processes and practices are supported, such as tree planting and farming without using harmful chemicals. Respect for people's rights is given, for example promoting gender equality to change the traditional low position of women in society. Ultimately Fair Trade ensures producers have more control over their lives.


british association for fair trade shops & suppliers

The World Shop is a member of BAFTS, the British Association for Fair Trade Shops & Suppliers. This is an association of importers and retailers who are committed to Fair Trade. Requirements of membership is to have the majority of one's stock be fairly traded. Usually this means the shops (such as the World Shop) buy exclusively from BAFTS registered importers. This guarantees that the products we stock are fair trade because, in the case of crafts, they do not always have the Fairtrade Foundation certification. The World Shop has a good relationship with many BAFTS suppliers to help ensure we keep a fresh and interesting range of stock. Our suppliers have some wonderful stories to tell about the producers who make the items that eventually end up in our shop. From the bicycle scheme in India's incense workshops to the street sellers of Zimbabwe. |


world fair trade organisation

The World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) is a global network of organisations representing the Fair Trade supply chain. Membership of WFTO provides Fair Trade organisations with credibility and identity by way of an international guarantee system; a place of learning where members connect with like-minded people from around the world; tools and training to increase market access; a common voice that shouts out for Fair Trade. WFTO is the home of fair traders: producers, marketers, exporters, importers, wholesalers and retailers that demonstrate 100% commitment to Fair Trade and apply the 10 WFTO Principles of Fair Trade in their daily operations. The works and achievements of its members make WFTO a global authority on Fair Trade and a guardian of Fair Trade values and principles. |

Fairtrade Logo

fairtrade foundation

Many people recognise the Fairtrade Foundation's logo. This certification mark was originally set up for agriculture, such as tea, coffee, cocoa and so on but is now extending to other products too. Most of the food products you find in the world shop will have this logo on, as well as some of the crafts. Fairtrade is gaining a much higher profile in the UK. You can read a more about Fairtrade and its history on the Fairtrade Foundation Website. |

Fairtrade town anniversary

Reading achieved Fairtrade Town status in February of 2004. Reading has a steering group which promotes Fair Trade in Reading. RISC and its World Shop is among the members of the Steering Group. Part of being a Fair Trade Town involves producing a directory of businesses, shops, cafes and restaurants that support and sell Fair Trade products. Check the website www.readingfairtrade.org.uk to find plenty on good information about fair trade in Reading.