meet our volunteers
Without volunteers RISC wouldn't be the success it is today. We have a large number of volunteers on file and have had over 1600 since 1996 when risc moved to its current location. Here's just a few of risc's wonderful volunteers past and present.
Alyssa alyssa
shop volunteer
"I volunteer at the RISC World Shop because I am passionate about Fairtrade and this gives me the opportunity to help promote the sale of the products in Reading. It is also great to have met like-minded people."
Aishwarya aishwarya
office volunteer
"I have chosen to volunteer at RISC as this would be the best place to start volunteering. The staff here are very friendly. I am here to get some hands on experience in the area of Administration. I am glad to a part of RISC."
Helen helen
office volunteer
"I have been volunteering for RISC for over 5 months now, I first volunteered in the shop and now help out in the office. I also help in one of the F4F community gardens growing a large selection of organic vegetables. I am very pleased to give some of my time to the organisation as I fully believe in the principles RISC have of a fair and just world where we operate together for the good of all (fair trade, care for our environment) and in the work RISC are doing to educate people and to support other worthwhile organisations."
Stefanie stefanie
recruitment volunteer
"Originally from Germany, I moved to Reading more than six years ago for work, and have since spent many afternoons and nights at the RISC cafe. I am a keen linguist and work as a German language tutor in higher education and as a translator. I am going to assist Leslee in the recruitment of volunteers, and am looking forward to being part of the RISC team. I volunteer with RISC because it is an important and friendly organisation supporting causes that are close to my heart."
Fatma fatma
shop volunteer
"I am a law student at the University of Reading who always wanted to be an effective person in society. I always keep asking myself what can I do or what could be done in order to make this world a better place, in terms of caring about human rights primarily to establishing social justice globally and most importantly taking the concept of fair trade seriously. Volunteering with RISC was one of the answers to my question and in my opinion one of the excellent opportunities I got involved in. Knowing that you are truly doing something to make this world to be a better place and also helping to change the lives of many people all around the world by supporting such organisations is my favourite part about volunteering."
Amanda amanda
shop volunteer
"As a teacher at a local primary school I recently did some Global Citizenship training with the Education Team at RISC, and now I’m taking a break from teaching I finally have the time to get more involved. I love everything RISC stands for and feel privileged to be working with such dedicated and passionate people."
Vanisha vanisha
office and reception volunteer
"Having been a keen volunteer for more than ten years, I feel a great sense of satisfaction and fulfilment to contribute selflessly to the community in which I live. RISC's basic tenets and their campaigns to raise awareness on global issues are very close to my heart. As a teacher, I fundamentally believe that humanity is essentially one and that my pupils need to become 'global citizens' who care about what happens in other parts of the world and realise the privileges and responsibility that come with living in a country like the UK. The work that RISC does to encourage the introduction and implementation of the concept of global citizenship is impressive and I cannot wait to start working with the Education team."
Valentina valentina
roof garden and f4f volunteer
"I've been volunteering for RISC for almost 4 months, supporting the f4f project and working at the RISC roof garden. The experience has been great; you have the chance to share with local people while you learn how to grow vegetables in a sustainable way. For me being volunteer at RISC is a very good opportunity as I can bring some knowledge to my home country."
Chris chris
f4f volunteer
"I have chosen to volunteer with RISC, because I feel they have taken on a great responsibility to help uplift people all around the world. RISC has created a platform where we all can share, learn and grow together. I am supporting the Food4Families project to strengthen the connection between people and nature. I am thankful to be involved in this holistic mission that will increase sustainable development, human rights and social justice globally."
Yeukai yeukai
shop volunteer
"I’m going into sixth form, and saw this as a good opportunity to take up some responsibility and get more involved in the community. I also share RISC’s values and support human rights as well as sustainable development, so volunteering at the world shop was a natural choice for me."
Irene irene
shop volunteer
"Shortly after arriving in Reading I discovered the World Shop and I was delighted with all the products, but what most I like are the causes that they promote: fair trade and sustainability among other things. Volunteering in RISC is an excellent opportunity to increase my knowledge and get involve in a good cause."
Renjitha renjitha
shop volunteer
"I attended the induction class; conducted in the same building with my friend. The induction class was very much informative, where I learned what risc is all about. RISC is an organisation working with people locally and globally to promote human rights for all and a more equitable distribution of the earth?s resources. I am glad to be part of RISC because being here I am not only improving my skills and knowledge but also indirectly being part of the good cause for which it stands."
Hannah hannah
shop volunteer
"I've always loved the range of products available in the RISC world shop, from the great range of teas to the fascinating book selection. With such a friendly and relaxed atmosphere RISC is a delightful setting to volunteer in and just a lovely place to spend time. Volunteering at RISC is a great way to help a excellent cause."
Neil neil
shop volunteer
"I like hanging around the shop every week! It's nice to think I'm some kind of help to RISC, which is full of friendly people who share the same general ethos as mine."
Zea zea
shop and f4f volunteer
"I first came across RISC years ago when I was a student. Since then I have bought lovely fair trade items from the shop, attended various talks on important issues such as deforestation, explored the rooftop garden, been to amazing live music events and enjoyed delicious vegan meals at the Global Café. I really admire the work done at RISC, it resonates so much with my beliefs and am proud to be a part of the team."
Nicolas nicolas
shop volunteer
"I volunteer at the RISC World Shop. Having visited RISC many times over the last couple of years, I've found a place and group of people whose views and approach chime with mine. I particularly value the shop's commitment to Fair Trade produce and to stocking books by Majority World authors who are otherwise under-represented."
Ame ame
office volunteer
"I am a Teaching Fellow at the University of Reading, School of Law. I began working at the Global Café before volunteering one day a week in the RISC office and helping out with the Reading Fairtrade Steering Group. What interests me about the organisation is its commitment to provide education and support to both the local and global communities in order to establish social justice."
Sara sara
education team volunteer
"I always knew that I wanted to volunteer in the kind of organisation/environment where I would learn new things. So I did - and I do!"
Sean sean
office volunteer
"I'm a physics lecturer at Reading University and think RISC is one of the best things about Reading. Respect for all people and the environment, a sense of community, questioning what you might read in the media to get to the real story - these are the things that RISC means to me."
Ian ian
web design volunteer
"I’ve lived in Reading since 2009 and was introduced to RISC through visiting the world shop. RISC's mission echoes my own personal beliefs so I decided to volunteer as a graphic designer and have more recently been spending one evening a week updating the RISC website, which has been both an enjoyable creative outlet and an interesting learning experience."
Mairin mairin
education team volunteer
Mary mary
garden and office volunteer