global education
RISC has an education team who work with teachers and schools to promote Global Citizenship in the curriculum. Their work ranges from training courses to RISC's own publications and more.

what is global education?

You may be familiar with the terms Global Learning, the Global Dimension, Global Education or Development Education, all of which relate to issues of social justice and sustainability. We prefer the term Global Citizenship because it implies that this is more than something we can just teach and learn about within the curriculum. The term ‘citizenship’ reflects the ethos of action taking – its about how we, together with children and young people, become aware of how our lives contribute positively and negatively to the lives of others.

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Explore thousands of photos, artefacts, teaching packs and books - along with schemes of work and inspirational ideas written by local teachers for all curriculum areas.

Toolkit global education toolkit

Search our database of all the activities and resources found in the new toolkit 'how do we know it's working' (book two) and more. here you will find everything you need to measure attitudinal change in pupils: downloadable instructions, images, recording templates and case studies.

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current projects

quality or quantity - tracking changes in pupils’ attitudes

Teachers are used to measuring their impact on knowledge, understanding and skills, but values and attitudes can sometimes be left unmonitored. We have worked with teachers, student teachers and their tutors to develop ways of finding out how pupils’ attitudes and actions can change.

Understanding Islam: Challenging Islamophobia

Islamophobia is the fear and/or hatred of Islam, Muslims or Islamic culture and history. The project brings together a range of teaching resources that offer innovative and creative approaches for dealing with controversial issues that will engage young people.

initial teacher training

RISC has worked in partnership with Reading ITT tutors for over ten years. Within the BA (QTS) Primary Education RISC works with tutors to support the embedding of Global Citizenship within their courses.

whole school change

Alongside providing a service for schools across Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Surrey, RISC works intensively with some schools to support teachers in embedding Global Citizenship across their curriculum and school ethos.