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Some resources from the gardens team

A Forest Garden with 500 Edible Plants Could Lead to… Thomas Regnault’s excellent film makes the case for forest gardens as an sustainable alternative to conventional agriculture.

Graham Burnett's Forest Gardening: a Beginner’s Guide This 28 page full colour publication is an ideal primer for those new to the concept of forest gardening & teachers, including a step by step guide to creating your own forest garden, the seven layers of the forest garden, forest garden crops and more.

National Forest Garden Scheme Launched in 2017 to increase awareness of the value of forest gardens to face the challenge of sustainable food production in a time climate crisis. Website includes comprehensive list of background information and useful resources.

Agroforestry Research Trust Set up by forest garden guru Martin Crawford runs a comprehensive online food forest design course as well as tours of his ground breaking garden in Devon and residential courses. If you want to explore the practicalities of forest garden in depth, his series of excellent books are a must have.

What is a Food Forest? A short film by Australian permaculture expert, Geoff Lawton, that gives you a great idea of a tropical forest garden.

An Excellent Introduction to Permaculture At the Bec Hellouin Farm in Normandy.

Edible Landscapes London have developed an accredited forest garden training course For community groups, although this is on hold at the moment.

Green Schools Ireland: Designing a school garden Powerpoint that includes useful section on advantages of planting a forest garden in a school as well as a more conventional veg plot.

The Edible Schoolyard in Martin Luther King Junior Middle School, California A truly inspirational example of how the school garden can enrich learning.