The Rocket Kings, Fleece Lined, The Unaccompanied
date: Sat 7th December 2019 time: 20:30 - 01:00 venue: global cafe price: free (donations)

Rocket Kings, who will play songs from their 'Spellbound' EP and some older songs and some newer songs. There will be ukes, there will be drums, there will be bass, there will be singing and, no doubt, there may well be some daft between-song banter. Let the ukepop excitement commence!

Fleece Lined who will play some covers, some originals and perhaps some hybrids too :-). From funky bass lines, gritty vocals, heartfelt lyrics, credible guitar solos, and sleek percussion, there is something for everyone in this band.

the unaccompanied: who will play guitar but acoustic, songs of alienation but longing for acceptance, though not at any cost... The songs are bare, they are stripped back: chords and voice, no augmentation, no effects, standing alone. The concept pure, the performance vital. We are all alone together. We are the unaccompanied.