introduction to the phonecycle game
date: Thu 21st November 2019 time: 19:00 venue: Room3 - RISC 35-39 London St RG1 4PS price: free (donations) contact: Kerima

We are constantly being encouraged to update our smartphones and we should be be asking what the environmental and social costs are. How can we all enjoy the benefits of owning a smartphone while causing minimal damage to people and planet? How do we have informed conversations with each other and our children and students about the problem of digital technology?

London Mining Network`s PhoneCycle board game is designed to raise awareness, stimulate lively conversation about and consider solutions to the social and environmental problems of producing and disposing of digital technology. This friendly and collaborative workshop, suitable for ages 14 and upwards is aimed at students, parents, teachers and anyone else who is worried about the impacts of our consumption of digital technology.

Organised by London Mining Network

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