The Annie Parker Collective
date: Thu 3rd October 2019 time: 20:00 - 23:00 venue: global cafe price: free (donations)

The Annie Parker Collective is a spontaneous and loosely-international, organic and even free-range type of band! Annie has created the group to bring together different types of music she has been involved with, to mix it up and see what happens. At present it is a three-piece consisting of Zimbabwean Tomson Chauke, known as the “walking percussion kit”, locally-produced Lawrie Wright, a multi-instrumentalist who has his agile fingers in many musical pies and Annie Parker herself who comes originally from Wales and plays flutes of various sizes. Voices and keyboard can also feature, depending on the moment, and there are plans afoot to add bass and indian tablas. Annie, who has been described as a flute-playing Puck - but you have to be careful how you say that - writes the charts for this genre-bending collective, but when they get going they often get sidetracked and are as intrigued as you are about where they will end up.