adam and elvis' grub club
date: Fri 20th September 2019 - Sat 21st September 2019 time: 20:30 - 01:00 venue: global cafe price: free (donations)

Rules for Grub Club are really simple.

Firstly, we do not allow people to take photos or videos on their phones during performances.

Secondly, no dickheads or estate agents or anyone who tells people how much they earn a year with a smile.

Thirdly, it's free entry but many of the acts have travelled to be here so please consider chucking some dosh in the bowl.

Fourth, please whisper if you need to talk during the poets.

Fifth, spread the love, unless an estate agent is spotted on the premises.

Adam and Elvis’ Grub Club: featuring performances from – Adam & Elvis At the core of the band are the Malone brothers, Pat and Tom who construct songs that are equally as melodic as they are whacky. Sharp guitars, highly driven bass lines and synthesizers are their tools and combined with lyricist Pat’s love for comedy and horror, much like his heroes Leonard Cohen and Bukowski, ADAM & ELVIS deliver great blend of fast paced, thought provoking and ultimately catchy music.

The live shows combine a love for delectable walls of sound and a natural primitive punk energy. Live highlights so far have included supporting 60 legends The Zombies, Splashh, The Correspondents, playing three separate sets at Y-Not Festival and several shows for BBC introducing Berkshire as well as many other shows around the south of England., No Feathers Secondhand pedal enthusiasts. Come for the odd-time grooves and stay for the nihilistic dread. DIY alternative synth-pop //// No Feathers fuse complex mathy grooves and catchy pop melodies into rich, cerebral soundscapes. They express a genre-defying sound in frenetic, colourful live shows that showcase their unique blend of live analogue synth, shoe-gazey bass work and experimental drums. , T.S. Idiot is a slam-losing, short sighted, queer, Jewish punk poet with eczema. "Your stuff is well weird, like a cross between Suicide and John Cooper Clarke" - Attila The Stockbroker

Sometimes his performances are more abstract, and sometimes more like a band or even a proper poet that your nan would like..

He's warmed up crowds for internationally acclaimed poets including John Cooper Clarke and Attila The Stockbroker, as well as DIY punks including TV Smith and The Spook School. His backing band THE HIDEOUS TREND was reformed in 2019 after a brief hiatus, now based in Bristol where they made their debut supporting punk legends Subway Sect.

He's also known in some circles as the South West's worse techno wordsmith MC TEABAG and very occasionally a Russian woman called Ivana. T.S. IDIOT has appeared at poetry events across the UK, including Forked (Apples & Snakes), Spotlight (Raise The Bar) and Pen-zance Lit Fest.

He's also hosting IDIOT TALK, a monthly show on 1020 Radio. The Hideous Trend make their headline debut at The Thunderbolt in July.

Contact him for bookings, commissions and more (send a mes-sage to, via his facebook page or tweet him). If you shout loud enough he may come galloping across the horizon like a tiny hairless horse.