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RISC accommodates 3-4 interns each year to help out with various projects. RISC has involved interns in its Fair Trade World Shop, Reading's International Festival, Big Town Meal, Fair Trade Fortnight, research, development and maintainance of our websites, social media, community gardens, design and marketing. Previous RISC interns have come from Italy, Slovakia and Czech Republic - we welcome interns from all countries, however, it is essential that interns already speak good English.

In the past we have colaborated with Reading University and Earley Charity in the Summer Internship scheme. The Scheme, which is run by the Careers Service at the University of Reading, in association with Santander Universities SME Programme and The Earley Charity, offers project-based summer internships, providing students with high quality work experience opportunities.

internship details

  • Interns are usually unpaid, however, busfares (to and from RISC to home) and lunch are provided. The majority of interns apply via the Erasmus Programme.
  • RISC organises accommodation which usually consists of a room in a house with the owner, who is also a friend of RISC. The monthly rent is £400 - £450 a month which includes bills, not food
  • Minimum placement duration two months, longest placement duration one year
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the erasmus programme

The Erasmus Programme is a funded international student programme that has been in existence since the late 1980's. Its purpose is to provide foreign exchange options for students from within the European Union. The programme is funded by many of the EU member nations and offers an excellent chance of experience abroad.

Students apply for funding via their university. Any student undertaking an Erasmus study programme in a partner institution is eligible for an Erasmus Scholarship. The student first decides which country they would like to visit and then reseach the organisations that they would like to work with. Contact is then made by email with the organisation to agree the intership and the role and responsibilities involved.

find out more on the erasmus website

internship vacancies

sorry no current vacancies

previous intern quotes


"RISC was my first full time job. It was a dream-year I spent working as an intern in the Gardens section. After my studies, finding work as useful as I did there was a hard nut to crack. I’m getting inspiration from what I’ve experienced even to this day and often think back to the fun time I’ve had with RISC people. It has formed me and my values."



"Being at RISC as an intern was a great experience. I spent half a year there. I like particular things as gardening projects, workshops or cultural events but what I admire maybe more is the power to move on over the years keeping the spirit alive."