risc book club: borrowed time
date: 31/08/2017 time: 19:30 venue: room 1 price: free contact: michele@risc.org.uk

In a village in Lebanon, an old man prepares for his final journey. But right to the end he remains defiant - against his age, his failing body and the whims of memory; against the idle life his children try to impose on him; and, against their indifference, cruelty and greed.

Fear arises and subsides in him like a tide. The past and present collide, dreams and reminiscences become confused, and gradually he begins to lose his bearings. Yet he refuses to accept the inevitable, boldly repeating, 'The Angel of Death cannot touch me'. It is a funny and moving account of old age.

Hassan Daoud is chief editor of the cultural supplement of al-Mustaqbal Daily in Beirut. Hehas also served as cultural editor and contributor to other Lebanese national newspapers. His novels include House of Mathilde, The Penguin's Song and The Year of the Revolutionary New Bread-making Machine.