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Education Resources

We have a wealth of Global Education resources that you can access


Explore thousands of photos, artefacts, teaching packs and books - along with schemes of work and inspirational ideas written by local teachers for all curriculum areas.


Search our database of all the activities and resources found in the new toolkit How Do We Know It's Working (book two) and more. Here you will find everything you need to measure attitudinal change in pupils: downloadable instructions, images, recording templates and case studies.


risc’s publications

These resources aim to raise global awareness, and to develop skills, attitudes and values which enable students to take action for change.

Global Citizenship is

  • Challenging stereotypes of people and places
  • Focusing on similarities before differences
  • Understanding diversity, locally and globally
  • Thinking about futures
  • Taking action

These resources have all been developed by RISC and in partnership with various development agencies.

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how do we know it’s working? book two

This innovative new resource builds on the success of RISC’s bestselling toolkit How Do We Know It’s Working? – measuring attitudinal change in global citizenship.

Over 40 engaging participant-led activities for pupils of all ages, accompanied with case studies sharing examples of how to measure attitudinal change from teachers across the UK, Czech Republic, Ireland, Slovakia and Ethiopia.

EYFS – KS 5+

We have a limited number of free printed copies available, visit where you will find all the activities to download for free.


european wealth, african poverty - why?

A new KS3-5 History and Geography resource, using images to investigate the connection between the impoverishment of Africa and the enrichment of Europe. Starting from 1500, when there was equivalence between Africa and Europe, with the Benin Empire and Tudor England, the resource equips teachers to challenge the myths about why Africa has become poorer as Europe has become richer. The pack comprises of a background information booklet, and 7 A3 posters of hand painted images.


Resource is free, but subject to p&p charge.


...are we nearly there? 

This whole school resource builds on RISC's innovative methodology for measuring attitudinal change. It provides teachers with a framework for evaluating their school's current provision of Global Citizenship and planning the next steps across 18 areas of teaching and learning, staff development, resources, environment, ethos, communications and monitoring and evaluation. A unique and invaluable resource.


£19.95 plus p&p.


uganda or uk?

A cross-curricular photo resource to support school partnerships, deliver Global Citizenship and explore images. With over 62 images of Uganda, accompanied by matching pairs of images of the UK, engaging activities and guidance and support for embedding a  reciprocal school partnership in the curriculum, providing a balanced view of a locality and challenging stereotypes of people and places.


£8.99 plus p&p.


growing up global

An Early Years handbook that demonstrates how global education can be a thread running through learning and teaching right from the start. 

12 exciting sections from ‘Me and My Family’ to ‘Making a Story Tent’ and ‘Surprises in South Africa’. 


£19.95 + p&p.



A primary cross-curricular project, using a textile tradition from Ghana as its starting point, to explore children’s values and identity through the creation of a collaborative wallhanging. Pupils also explore links with Ghana, naming traditions, contemporary art and fair trade. 

Art & design, citizenship, design & technology, geography. 


£15 + p&p.


from chocolate to computers

Look behind some of the products we buy, use and often take for granted, uncovering the impact their production has on the workers involved and on their environment. Explore human rights, interdependence and sustainability, and raise awareness of some of the complexities of fair trade.


Download this resource


what makes a good global citizenship resource?

This guidance document provides tips, ideas and a criteria of do's and don'ts for selecting a good Global Citizenship resource, from story books, to holiday photos and maps. With advice on how to evaluate resources, improve and add to existing ones, and suggestions for creating new ones, this is an invaluable starting point for any educator and any age group.

Download this guidance document


from linking to partnership

An A3 guidance leaflet, exploring the potentials and pitfalls of International school links, and offering practical suggestions, useful resources, and website links to support teachers in transforming their link into a reciprocal, equal partnership.

Download this resource


growing bananas 

A whole class trading game with background information including photos of the production process.


Download this resource


bananas & (cocoa) beans

It investigates our links with people across the globe through the trade in food and drinks. It includes teacher information, pupil activities and photocopiable materials.


Download this resource


cost of coffee

Pack which investigates the global trade in coffee, focussing in particular on the crisis facing coffee farmers. The activities look at the causes and 
consequences of the catastrophic fall in coffee prices. 


Download coming soon



This pack is for teachers and youth workers and provides a detailed outline of activities for a day workshop which introduces young people to the issues behind the global chocolate industry.


Download this resource


all you need for a sustainability assembly

These assemblies are designed to engage pupils in thinking about the choices we make and their impact locally and globally. Each assembly can stand alone or they can be used in sequence, and they explore sustainability issues relating to food, waste and climate change.


Download this resource


all you need for a refugee assembly

This pack challenges the myths and stereotypes which promote prejudice. 


Download this resource


all you need for a fair trade assembly

Three adaptable 15 minute assemblies, focusing on a range of Fair Trade products - chocolate, bananas, clothes/fashion. 


Download this resource


passion for fashion

Enabling young people to explore their links with contemporaries in the Majority World. This pack is available in both school and youth work versions.


Download coming soon