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Current Projects

RISC's education work is funded through a variety of sources. We are often involved in a range of projects delivering Global Education in innovative and exciting ways. Here are some of our current projects.

Quality or Quantity – tracking changes in pupils’ attitudes

Teachers are used to measuring their impact on knowledge, understanding and skills, but values and attitudes can sometimes be left unmonitored. Good Global Education balances knowledge, skills, values and attitudes, to produce a well rounded education.

Expanding on previous research into values and attitudes in Global Education, we have worked with teachers, student teachers and their tutors to develop ways of finding out how pupils’ attitudes and actions can change.


The 3-year project, funded by the European Commission saw us working with partner organisations in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ireland, Ethiopia and the South East of England, the project involved 16 universities, hundreds of schools and thousands of pupils in this exciting and ground-breaking work.


This innovative methodology for measuring attitudinal change enables teachers to take a more systematic approach to discovering attitudes and values, and to measure the impact of their teaching.


Initial Teacher Training

University of Reading Institute of Education

RISC has worked in partnership with Reading ITT tutors for over ten years. Within the BA (QTS) Primary Education RISC works with tutors to support the embedding of Global Citizenship within their courses. Art, English, Music and Maths specialisms all include a focus on Global Citizenship, with RISC delivering sessions to first and second year undergraduates.

On the Primary PGCE course RISC has delivered 3 Global Citizenship sessions for all Primary PGCE students: an introductory day followed up with feedback and discussion of cross-curricular project planning, a subject focused activity day, and a half day on strategies for evaluation.

A Global Citizenship lead lecture is now an established feature of the Secondary PGCE Professional Studies course for all trainees. Tutors are working with RISC to build on this and embed Global Citizenship in the Science, Art & Design, Music and English subject specialisms. In addition, RISC offers a small number of two-week placements to trainees who have successfully completed their standards in the summer term – we encourage trainees from all specialisms to apply. RISC also provides Global Citizenship training for Early Years specialists, and for trainees on a range of routes into teaching, including School Direct Training.


University of Oxford Department of Education

RISC's partnership with OUDE was first established in 2002. Global Citizenship training takes place annually for all the OUDE Science and Geography PGCE trainees. Issues are initially introduced by tutors who accompany trainees on a day of workshops at RISC focusing on how to embed Global Citizenship in secondary Science and Geography. Further follow up takes place at OUDE in the weeks following this intensive input.


Oxford Brookes University School of Education

RISC has delivered Global Citizenship training for Oxford Brookes tutors and students since our partnership began in 2003. In the first year of their BA Primary Teacher Education course, the importance of Global Citizenship is established, through introductory sessions at the University. A curriculum-focused day at RISC takes place in the next term and is followed up at the university. Students develop their understanding of Global Citizenship in their second and third years, with RISC providing further input and support.


If you would like to know more about RISC’s work within ITT please call us on 08819 586692 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Whole School Change

Alongside providing a service for schools across Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Surrey, RISC works intensively with some schools to support teachers in embedding Global Citizenship across their curriculum and school ethos. The teachers’ aim to empower their pupils to be active citizens, willing and able to contribute to the development of a fair, sustainable society, locally and globally. This work involves auditing pupils’ knowledge and attitudes about global issues, in order to measure change and gauge the impact teachers are having.  You can access tools to measure attitudinal change and read case studies of how they have been used here:

Once change is achieved, maintaining it while sharing methodologies and resources is key to ensuring the change is sustained across the school.

case studies

The following case studies show how different schools have tackled ethos change in their schools. Whether department by department, embedding Global Citizenship in whole school policies, or exploring school activities beyond the curriculum, each has brought about a shift in the attitude and ethos of the school.

whole school change in an Oxfordshire primary school

the shoebox dilemma…

whole school change in a Berkshire primary school

making the world a better place...

whole school change in an Oxfordshire secondary school

tackling school policy...

whole school change in a Berkshire secondary school 

global citizenship through mfl...